šumsko blago



The company for the purchase, processing and storage of fruits, berries and herbs.


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Forest fruit

Mushrooms, black currant, blueberry, wild berries, wild olive...

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The company offers "Sumsko blago" you can find raspberries, blackberries, currants, plums...

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Rastavic, Kantarion, Hajducka trava, Bokvica, Neven, Lipa, Jagorcevina, Divizma...



About us

Šumsko Blago is a family business established in 1994. It was founded by a married couple and Zoran and Suncica Manic, two people full of will and ambition to succeed in life.

The company is engaged in purchase and processing of forest mushrooms (porcini, porcini, morel, Amanita Caesarea, rujnica ...), wild berries (blueberries, wild blackberries, raspberries, wild strawberries ...), provided fruit (raspberry, cherry, strawberry, blackberry , plums ...) and herbs (wild and cultivated).
The degree of processing is freezing, processing and packaging for further processing.

Šumsko Blago in 2006 changes its legal form and became a Ltd. 3 permanent and 15 seasonal workers.

The company has cold storage capacity of 50 tons, the drive to work 70m2, dryer for drying mushrooms and other small machines and cutters, as well as two vans.

Since March 2012, the company operates under the name "Šumsko Blago" D.O.O. Bresnica whose owner and director Zoran Manic.

The main goal of the company is that came out of it healthy and safe products and seafood harvested in unpolluted areas. For this reason we decided to create some of the organic products and future plans are: to increase the range and quantity.




Bresnica bb, Bresnica, Vranje,SRB 17500


+381 17 567 890

+381 17 543 850